Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pomegranates, Topiary and Rosemary


I have waited to do this progress post until I had finished the panel on Baroque Garden.  I finished the over one stitching last night and finished the frame and backstitching tonight.  Still behind by 2 months, but the next two pieces are smaller and over 2.  Here is my pomegranate panel and the botanical plate that inspired it.


I also made a new start on a Drawn Thread design - Cloister Garden.  This chart was hiding in my stash, having been purchased probably 7-8 years ago.  I was inspired to start it as an SAL with the Stitch Specialists sister yahoo group for The Drawn Thread designs.  I was almost convinced the parcel containing my fabric was well and truly lost, but it arrived a couple of days before I was going to contact the place I ordered it from.  It did take almost 4 weeks to get to Australia from the USA (usually only about 2 weeks).  The fabric is 32 count belfast linen in the colour Baby Lotion.  The threads came with the chart.  I am already loving all the specialty stitches in this design.

The colour of the fabric does not show up well in the photo.

I love seeing all the progress on everyone's blogs, even if I don't always get to comment on every post.  

Happy stitching

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

IHSW Progress Report

I am a bit late in posting my progress report for the hermit weekend, but better late than never.  The IHSW was very popular this weekend and I hope everyone had a nice time stitching.  I am just catching up with everyones blogs.  Welcome to new followers of my blog too.

I worked on Baroque Garden (Chatelaine) this weekend, and it has been all over-one stitching so it did not grow much in size.  This panel is so much fun! to stitch.  Let's just say I hate frogging over one and there is a counting boo-boo in there that I could not find to rectify.  I have worked around it!  My aim is to do one of the eight over-one panels in this design without a mistake!

Progress before IHSW

and progress after IHSW

I will keep working at it

I also picked up my Jim Wurth ornament from the framers.  The series were designed as ornaments but I have decided to frame them.  I can't find a great spot to photograph it without getting reflections

For Julie (Julie and yes dear) you asked about the size and it is 5" (12.5cm) in diameter.

As always Happy Stitching

Thursday, August 18, 2011

An exchange and a goose

I received a parcel from Canada - I was sent a gorgeous biscornu by Leona as part of the Chatelaine Smalls Exchange.  I love getting parcels and it also contained a DMC skein.  This was the first time I had taken part in an exchange and I enjoyed the whole process.

Here is my biscornu (I have never made one).  The design comes from Hummingbird Garden and a free violet design.  I love it

My exchange piece went on a long plane flight across the Pacific Ocean to its new home.  It can be seen here.  It is a needlebook using the free strawberry design from Martina.

The goose refers to Day 6 of Christmas (Nora Corbett) and is now looking a bit like a goose.  Stitching time has been a bit lacking in the last couple of weeks.

It is the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend this weekend.  If you want a good excuse to sit and stitch and ignore everything else join in - it is co-ordinated by Joyce at Random Ramblings, just click on the link and join the fun!

You stitch and post your progress piccies at the end of the weekend for the rest of us to admire.  

Baroque Garden here I come!

Happy Stitching

Monday, August 8, 2011

Horace and Lester join me for a Happy Dance

Hello to everyone

I have been away this weekend and so there was hardly any stitching.  The last part of Tree of Stitches was released on Friday, and I had to wait until tonight until I could finish it.  I only got home late on Sunday night.

The last part was the addition of  Horace the rabbit and Lester the owl (and a flower).  My critters are done and it is time for a happy dance!!!

I am going to get this framed and have a little bit of spring in my bedroom.  I loved stitching this with all the different stitches.

Tree of Stitches - Part 15

The Tree of Stitches is designed by Abi Gurden and can be found at this Yahoo Group The Stitch Specialists.  A new SAL has just been previewed.

Hopefully I will get a little bit more stitching time this week.

Happy stitching everyone

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hearts and Flowers and some Tomatoes

Hello and another week has passed by.

I got a bit distracted by some needlepoint this week.  I loved the different threads with their different textures and I loved the different stitches and how they covered the canvas.  The design is Jim Wurth's Hearts and Flowers (one of the dodecagon ornament series).   I also like the fact that it is rather sparkly and the beading gives a very dimensional aspect to it.

I have also finished off one of the floral panels on Baroque Garden - the tomato panel.  One day I might stitch something over one and not find my counting is a little bit off in one area (but only I know where the mistakes are and then I forget).   I still love how the floral panels end up looking like the original botanical plates (Gottorfer Codex).

I also have some things back from the framer but will post piccies of these later.  

I also mailed my Chatelaine smalls exchange to my exchange partner - it should arrive this week and then I can post some photos of that too

Happy stitching - there has been some lovely stitching on everyone's blogs in the last week