Sunday, July 24, 2011

A tree and some flowers


Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.  I survived the course I was involved in organising and the participants seemed to find it worthwhile.  I was very pleased with the feedback and I will keep working to improve it next year (annual course).  It did, however, mean that I haven't really had any stitching time and I like my stitching time at the weekend.

I have come home this evening and completed Part 14 of Tree of Stitches (Abi Gurden (The Stitch Specialists Yahoo Group). Only Part 15 to do and I will have another finish (should be in 2 weeks time)

Tree of Stitches - Part 14 Leaf Stitch

I have also made a start on the Birds of a Feather (now semi) mystery sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread.  It had been nice to stitch thus far

Hope everyone has a good week this week

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hello to everyone (and welcome new followers)

I have not had the opportunity to stitch much this week.  I have been organising a course which is running this weekend and this has been using up my time.

Gabi is having a giveaway for her blogoversary and is giving away a very nice prize.

Measi is also having a lovely summer giveaway and I could do with some summer after yesterday morning here in Adelaide.  It was 1 degree and I had to find my car under a layer of ice (liking being back in the UK in winter)

I will post some pictures when I have something to show

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I love a mystery (and a finish)

Hello and welcome to the new followers of my blog.  I appreciate that you spend a little bit of your precious time to look at what I have been up to.  I love checking to see what everyone else has been doing - everyone is so inspiring with their beautiful stitching and quilting.

I have to admit I have trouble resisting a mystery project and so I had to join the With Thy Needle and Thread mystery Sampler - Birds of a Feather.  Suffice to say, with a postal strike (I ordered my supplies from Canada) and the need for the supplies to have a long plane flight and the "rapidity" of Australia Post I received my first part the day the last part of the mystery was revealed.  I may like a mystery, but I have no will-power when it comes to not-peeking!

I am using the Weeks Dye Works floss as charted and the WDW confederate grey linen (35 count).  This is going to give it a very antique feel to it.  I am still waiting for a couple of flosses but they will appear with my next package.

Here is my floss toss

I could not resist doing a little bit of it, and will post a piccie soon.

I have done some other stitching this weekend as well, and as it was the third weekend in the month it was IHSW (International Hermit and Stitching Weekend).  It is organised by Joyce at Random Ramblings, and over 30 people have joined this weekend.

I finished 5 Golden Rings (Nora Corbett - 12 days of Christmas) on Saturday and was so excited I dropped it in at the framer.  Several hours later I realised I had missed an isolated bead - oops!  I will call tomorrow as I am sure they haven't done anything yet and will drop in to fix my forgetful boo-boo.  If it is too late it is very difficult to see where it should be.

It is very sparkly again!

I only have a couple of leaves to do on the tomato panel of Baroque Gardens - the tomatoes are all stitched.  I will post a photo when it is finished - the over one takes time and does not grow very quickly.

Hope everyone has had a good stitching weekend (IHSW or otherwise) and I look forward to seeing what everyone has done

Take care

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2 weeks have passed

Where does the time go?  It has been 2 weeks since my last post which was not entirely intentional.  I have been over-one stitching on Baroque - so nothing grows very fast despite the time spent stitching.

I did finish my secret stitching (an exchange piece for the Chatelaine smalls exchange).  This is the first time I have done something like this and I am happy with it.  I will post photos later once it has been sent and received.  I have to admit that the finishing instructions I used did not quite achieve the really nice and tidy finish I would have liked, but it is fine.

So here are my progress shots

Firstly Baroque Garden - I think they are tomatoes

Then there is 5 Golden Rings (was hoping to finish this one this weekend, but not quite there)

I did do part 13 of Tree of Stitches (Abi Gurden).  Only 2 more parts and my tree will be finished.  I love the variety of trees that are growing with this SAL

Part 13 - Tied Windmill Stitch

This stitch required lots of attention to counting to get each stitch in the correct place, but it is a nice stitch.

Another week awaits!

Happy stitching