Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm halfway there!!!!!!!!!!

I have finished Parts 11 and 12 of Baroque and that means I am halfway there!

I will be able to start Part 13 in the month it was released, so I am less than a month behind!

Two over one floral panels await in Part 13

I thought I would not like the second garden of part 11 as much as the first, but I love the purples and greens.  I have been backstitching with gold metallic for a large portion of today!

The stitching is straight, the slight bend is where I have just taken it off my scroll frame

And here it is with 50% done!

So, I have had a lovely and productive stitching weekend.  I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend doing things they love to do.

Happy stitching

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Well, it has only taken me almost a week to get a recharged battery into the camera!  It has not been the most productive week in regards to stitching but I got a little bit done.  Why are there so many other things that interfere with stitching time?

I am still trying to catch up on Baroque and that is going to be my weekend aim (again).  I want to finish this little garden and the small part of Part 12 that I have not done.  I will then be half way finished!  Here's hoping for a mini happy dance at the end of the weekend.

I have been keeping up with my Tree of Stitches.  I love this design and it is fun to stitch with all the specialty stitches.  It is designed by Abi Gurden for the Stitch Specialists yahoo group.

Part 11 - Rhodes Stitch

Part 12 - Fancy Cross

Part 12 Close up

I have also started 5 Golden Rings (Nora Corbett 12 Days of Christmas series).  This start is for you Joyce as you asked so nicely when I would start this one after the 4th day was finished.  This one is nice and sparkly - these are nice designs to stitch when I don't feel like doing something large, and just want to sit on the sofa.

Here is to a good stitching weekend

Happy stitching

Sunday, June 19, 2011

IHSW and batteries need charging

It was the international hermit and stitch weekend (as organised by Joyce at Random Rambling).  I did not get to be much of a hermit and despite wishing I could spend the weekend tucked up at home stitching I only got a little bit done.

My camera batteries also need recharging and my attempt to add progress photos will have to wait until the batteries are recharged.  Most of my stitching this weekend must remain secret at the moment anyway.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and for anyone who wants to join and be a hermit, the IHS weekend is the third weekend of every month.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Tree and a Garden

Hello to everyone

I have finished another bit of Baroque Garden, the central long row or border.  I changed the placement of the purple and brown to form a twist pattern in this central piece.  It was only a partial twist on the chart.
Only the other little tiny bit of border on the left side and part12 is done.  Then I will do the second garden of Part 11 (and then Part 13 - I will catch up, I will catch up...............)

The complete Baroque (as of now)

Detail of the central border

I also finished Part 10 of my Tree of Stitches SAL.  I am loving do this tree with all the different specialty stitches.

Part 10 - Star Stitch

I hope to make more of a headway into Baroque this weekend.

My foot is still sore, but I am walking faster (but everyone still overtakes me!).  Guess it will be another 3 or so weeks before it heals completely.

Happy stitching

Friday, June 3, 2011

The 4th day is done!

4 Calling Birds (Nora Corbett - 12 Days of Christmas series) is finished.

I have spent my evenings this week stitching on beads and more beads (I will be happy to look at a red bead again in a week or 2)

My foot is slowly improving, I am at least a bit faster at walking now and the bruising and swelling is going.  Thanks to everyone who wished me a speedy recovery.

Again, the weekend is not quite my own, with a conference tomorrow, but I hope to get more done of Baroque on Sunday.

Happy stitching