Saturday, June 25, 2011


Well, it has only taken me almost a week to get a recharged battery into the camera!  It has not been the most productive week in regards to stitching but I got a little bit done.  Why are there so many other things that interfere with stitching time?

I am still trying to catch up on Baroque and that is going to be my weekend aim (again).  I want to finish this little garden and the small part of Part 12 that I have not done.  I will then be half way finished!  Here's hoping for a mini happy dance at the end of the weekend.

I have been keeping up with my Tree of Stitches.  I love this design and it is fun to stitch with all the specialty stitches.  It is designed by Abi Gurden for the Stitch Specialists yahoo group.

Part 11 - Rhodes Stitch

Part 12 - Fancy Cross

Part 12 Close up

I have also started 5 Golden Rings (Nora Corbett 12 Days of Christmas series).  This start is for you Joyce as you asked so nicely when I would start this one after the 4th day was finished.  This one is nice and sparkly - these are nice designs to stitch when I don't feel like doing something large, and just want to sit on the sofa.

Here is to a good stitching weekend

Happy stitching


Yvon (jioya) said...

Your tree is looking good, it looks like a fun thing to do.
the other works are looking good to, i haven't seen the 5 golden rings, so i just have to wait and see how it's going to look.
Happy stitching,

Hugs Yvon.

Lesleyanne said...

All your stitching is looking great.

Pauline said...

I love your tree!

Lissanne said...

You are doing so many different projects that are all so pretty! Love how Baroque is coming along!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I LOVE your tree. I've just commented on another version of this! It's so hard to decide what scheme to go for. I might just steal your's xxx

wendy111 said...

Thanks for the comments. Jo, I love what Charlie (Charb's) has started with her autumn tree. This is the nice thing about this SAL is that you can choose what floss to use and how you want your tree to look. I look forward to seeing yours and I am really enjoying stitching it, so I am sure you will as well

Anne said...

Your tree is growing beautifully! I love the 12 days of christmas by Nora! Glad to see you're stitching the days again! Baroque is lovely too! Loads of stitching done Adelaide!

mdgtjulie said...

You have lots of progress. Grats! Everything looks great. I love the color you're using for the ToS (I know, I've said that before, but I really do) and the colors of FGR are beautiful too. Keep up the good work!!

Kahlan said...

Seams to me that everyone are stitching Christmas theme these days.Rings are beautiful,as well as the tree.

Anonymous said...

All your projects are so lovely :) I especially love the tree (it's pink!!) :)

Isadarena said...

All your works in progress are so beautiful and how is growing nicely your springly tree :-))
Have a nice Sunday:-)

Joysze said...

Wendy... I ALWAYS love seeing your WIPs. They're so beautiful. Your tree.... *kisses fingers* is magnificent! :D I keep thinking I'm going to pass on it, then I see a picture and I'm tempted again. ;)

Thank you for the 5 Golden Rings picture. :D I looooove the colors and those gold beads are to die for. :D