Friday, September 16, 2011

IHSW and New Stash

I have been away for a conference for the last week or so - I haven't done any stitching and have not had very much time to view or comment on everyone's posts.

It is the weekend for being a hermit and stitching.  I hope to spend a reasonable amount of time doing this.    
I am going to work on Baroque this weekend, and here is my progress on the next part as of now

I am going to do some of the 6th day of christmas as well.

If you wish to participate in IHSW click on Hermie (side button).  The weekend is co-ordinated by Joyce at Random Ramblings.

I have now also got most of my kit for Herbularius (cause I really really need to start another Chatelaine!)  The fabric is Celtic 32 count linen from Stitches and Spice.

Have a good stitching weekend!


Ineke said...

You do deserve a hermit weekend after the conference! Enjoy stitching Baroque or/and Herbularius.

Sarah said...

Baroque is lovely. Your floss toss of Herbularius is beautiful too!

Mouse said...

enjoy your IHSW weekend and love what you have chosen for the herb :) love mouse xxxx

Anne said...

Its looking great Wendy!! Have fun stitching and getting lots done!!

Hannah - City Stitcher said...

Enjoy IHSW! I love you floss toss (actually I'm insanely jealous of your floss toss - but what's a little envy between stitchers? :))

Hannah x

mdgtjulie said...

Very pretty colors in Herbularius. Can't wait to see your after piccy too!!

Jennifer M. said...

Sounds like you had a long week. You deserve some stitchy time this weekend. :)


Veronica said...

Oooh... New stash ^.^ The floss looks so yummy against that fabric. Can't wait to see your new start.

So how much did you get done on Baroque for IHSW? Look forward to an update on your progress :)


Joysze said...

We ALWAYS really really need to start Chatelaines. ;) Hehehehehe. I can't wait to see pics from your weekend.