Thursday, March 31, 2011


Thanks for the encouragement!!!!  Much appreciated.

I have finished part 10, finished the garden last night and have just done the copper border lines now.  (Martina just beat me and had just posted Part 11 as I walked in the door)

So here is Baroque at the end of part 10 - now 41.7% (or there about) complete.

Two more little gardens for part 11.

Happy stitching


Isadarena said...

Wendy, your progress is gorgeous : you'll have at the end a true masterpiece !!

ArabicaMix said...

this is a huge project! I admire!

Tracy J said...

It's gorgeous!

Joysze said...

It's looking more and more beautiful, Wendy!!! You must be so proud!! :D

That grand marnier ice cream sounds wonderful.... yummmmmmm. :D

Topcho said...

Great progress! And the piece as whole looks gorgeous!