Friday, April 15, 2011

Chinese Garden Mandala - day one

Here is my progress after my first evening of stitching Chinese Garden.  It doesn't look like much yet and I don't have all my threads so I am stitching with the ones I do have.

Wish I could say there was more done now but I did this on Monday evening and haven't been able to get near my stitching since.  I am not going to get Baroque done this month let alone this.

I am off to Tasmania tomorrow to see my mother, but I will take 3 french hens with me and still try to have a mini international hermit and stitching weekend (IHSW), hopefully I will get this one finished.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and if you wish to be a hermit click here random ramblings


Joysze said...

Oh Wendy, Wendy, Wendy!!!!! You've made me a very happy girl right now. I had SUCH a busy day and haven't had time to catch up on blogs till now and OF COURSE, yours was the first one I clicked from my blog roll. How could I not, with that title?? :D IT LOOKS GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great time with your mom and I can't wait to see your french hens finish! Happy mini IHSW!!!

ArabicaMix said...

this is a great start.
How nice, that you got to do it now!
Now, many embroiderers cleave to the monitor and will consider your stitches and will be a little envious. And I too (smile).
I look forward to continuing.
Great success with your projects!

Isadarena said...

Wow !! Congrats Wendy on your first stitches : I think you'll enjoy this wonderful mandala :-)