Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 French Hens - Framed

I just picked up 3 French Hens from the framer.  I am framing them all in the same way and they are looking good together.  I am really liking this festive series and look forward to have Christmas stitching on my wall this Christmas.  I wonder how many days I will have this year?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend 


Gabi said...

Ohhh...this looks lovely. So sparkly. It's a beautiful series and will make your Christmas room just so festive (and sparkly!!) Love it

Ineke said...

It is beautiful!
There are many days left to stitch till it is Christmas. I am sure you will finish them all.

Topcho said...

Very cute! I love the golden spark!

Lesleyanne said...

Your framed piece looks great.

Esther said...

Woww it's a beauty!!
I love chickens ;))