Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Tree of Stitches

I would like to say hello to my new followers, I am excited that I now have reached 25 followers.  I was not sure anyone would look at my ramblings when I started, and thanks to everyone who had taken the time to comment as well.  I love the opportunity to share with fellow stitchers.

I have done some more of Chinese Mandala, but I am starting to run out of bits I can do until I get my Eterna Silks and my black rayon.  I love seeing everyone else's gorgeous progress and will post a piccie of this soon.

I have been sidetracked over the last 2-3 days by a new SAL.  I saw it on another blog, loved it and had to join.  The design is Tree of Stitches by Abi Gurden and is available through The Stitch Specialists Yahoo Group.  It uses a different stitch in each fortnightly part.  I decided to do mine as a spring blossom tree and my inspiration were blossom trees in a beautiful garden in Canberra.

I am stitching it on 32 count linen, Pacific Dreams from Stitches and Spice to emulate the blue spring sky.  The trunk is Gloriana Arroyo (172). the blossoms Pol stitches dragon floss Summer Fruits (63) and the green Threadworx 1046.  I have done 6 of the 9 available parts so far

Part 1 - Cross Stitch

Part 2 - Smyrna Stitch

Part 3 - French Knots

Part 4 - Eyelets

Part 5 - Rice Stitch

Part 6 - Cushion Stitch

I have been enjoying stitching this one and it is fun stitching some different stitches.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend


Isadarena said...

Oh Wendy, I love how you are making grow your tree with every specialty stitch: so nice !!
I wish you a lovely week-end ,

Nancy in IL said...

We have had that kind of spring with the beautiful trees blooming that rival any spring we've had before, and I used a dogwood background on my blog, if you noticed. The trees of Canberra are stunning.

I saw your Tree of Stitches beginning on The Stitch Specialist's group and thought "how wonderful!" You're making it "so YOU!" Just your taste, and you've stayed on it to get it progressing so well! At this point, it appears to be a tree blooming in glory with a strand of moss (can't think of what they call it in the Southern states) hanging from the branches. It's gorgeous, and I'm anxious to get started on it.

Shannon said...

How pretty! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That is the most gorgeous idea for a variety of stitches I've ever seen! So much more interesting than abother band sampler, although I do love stitching them. Did the SAL give you the pattern or did you chart it yourself?

wendy111 said...

Jo, in answer to your question this SAL is charted, you get the chart and the stitch instructions each time. I am finding it to be a great way to do some stitches I have never tried before.

The blossom trees in your area sound lovely Nancy, I love blossom trees, but their beauty is so short-lived.

mdgtjulie said...

It's gorgeous. Love the colors you're using!

Ehren said...

Fascinating ! loved the variety of stitches

DJ said...

Your tree is lovely, it almost looks the the pictures of trees you have posted on your blog entry! Congratulations on reaching 25 followers! I took a look at some of your other stitching too, it's beautiful! *Hugs*

Joanne Dawson said...

Lovely tree. How much floss does it use in total please? Thanks :)