Friday, February 18, 2011

On the second day

I have just finished 2 turtles doves (the second of the 12 days of christmas by Nora Corbett)

I came home from work and decided to make a start on being a stitching hermit (International hermit and stitching weekend) and finished this one.

Lots of sparkles

Unfortunately I have a meeting at work tomorrow morning but my hermit plans are to do some work on Baroque Gardens tomorrow on the second panel of part 9 and then stitch some of Hummingbird garden on Sunday.  

Here is where I am up to with Hummingbird

I am stitching this on Royal Purple double dyed 32 count linen from Stitches and Spice.  I would like to finish my second hummingbird.

This weekend is such a good excuse for sitting and stitching!  Resistance is futile

Happy stitching

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ana~stitch said...

Beautiful work Wendy, LOVE your Hummies on royal purple!!