Sunday, February 13, 2011



I have done a little bit more of 2 turtle doves.  I have decided to put beads on as I complete sections of this one rather than doing them all at the end.  My turtle doves now have their beautiful gilded cage.

I have also been doing some of Baroque Gardens.  Learning point - check DMC numbers carefully before doing over 1 stitching!  503 is NOT the same as 3053 and I hate frogging at the best of times, but taking out over one stitching is such a pain!

I would like to have the first panel done by the end of the weekend

Happy stitching.

My weeds beckon now!!!!

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Joysze said...

Oh Wendy.... I'm soooo sorry you had to frog all those over 1. :( Baroque Garden is looking gorgeous!! :D