Saturday, February 26, 2011

Part 9 of Baroque is complete

I have finished part 9 of Baroque just in time for Part 10 at the beginning of the month.

Firstly an overall piccie

I love this design with all its detail.  Martina puts so much work into researching and creating her designs.  The botanical illustrations she uses for the flower or plant panels were painted using plants from the actual castle garden, the castle being Schloss Gottorf and date from the 1600's.  Here are the original paintings and the over one panels.  The collection of illustrations is the Gottorfer Codex.

I found the panels accidentally while googling for illustrations of the fritillaria to see what it really looked like.


Joysze said...

This is truly beautiful, Wendy. I can't even begin to imagine how gorgeous it is IRL.

wendy111 said...

Joyce, I just love it. Everytime I take it off the scroll frame and see it as a whole I am so happy that I decided to undertake this project. I has a lovely amount of sparkle that I just can't capture in a photo. The elements come together beautifully. Only another 15 months to go


Ineke said...

Beautuful! How nice to see the original illustrations of the flowers too. What a coincidence you found them.

Isadarena said...

Wendy, your progress is just gorgeous : you are making a great job on this so nice project:-)
Please, keep up stitching this beauty : you will be so proud at the end and what a treasure in your home :-))

Gabi said...

So beautiful. Love this design. And your stitching is superp.